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  • Liability Insurance: $2M

-Owner of Home Street Roofing

I opened Home Street Roofing in September of 1998, with the idea that there was an opportunity for a company with a high level of integrity, customer service and good "Old Fashioned" ethics. A company that provided mutual respect for it's employees as well as for it's associates in the industry. That idea and concept has proven very successful. Home Street Roofing has had a consistent performance level in sales volume and customer satisfaction. We continue to enjoy an impeccable reputation with our suppliers and vendors, as well as our fellow roofing contractors.

As the owner, I can assure you that these ideas and concepts are part of our day-to-day communications. Myself and the staff maintain a high level of accountability amongst ourselves, which includes customer satisfaction as our ultimate focus. Our marketing efforts attempt to prioritize our commitment, as a company, to a long term relationship with the communities which we and our families live in.

I have been in the roofing industry for over 18 years and along with my roofing company in Denver, I enjoy a great deal experience in management and customer service. I often joke with our customers, that a re-roofing project will make you more of an expert in roofing than you ever wanted to become. It is my hope and belief, that an opportunity for Home Street Roofing to provide you with advice and an estimate on your roofing project, will be a very comfortable and professional experience for you. I invite you to contact us for any questions or interest you have as you seek a roofing contractor and I am personally available at any time, for any concerns or comments, positive or negative, that I can assist with.

Our commitment is to provide our customers and our community with the highest levels of integrity, quality, customer service, old fashioned ethics and a high level of professionalism. These concepts are what Home Street Roofing means to us. A company that you can count on is what Home Street Roofing should mean to you. We look forward to providing that opportunity to you, our customers.


Ron Tutton