Home Street Roofing, Inc. is a Denver roofing company & re-roofing specialist. Our services include new construction roofs, re-roofing, residential roof repair, remodels, both flat & sloped roofs, and low pressure salesmanship. Roof tear-offs and re-roofs are done year round. Learn more about our services, and why you should get an estimate first, below.

Why Meet with your Estimator?

“15-20 minutes with your estimator could save you thousands of dollars and headaches due to misconceptions about the project.”

At Home Street Roofing our goal is to be strictly informative and low pressure, because we feel an informed consumer will not only be prepared for their major roofing project, but also see the value in choosing Home Street Roofing once they have gone over the estimate.

Understanding Your Estimate:

With today’s technology, we find more people are asking to have their estimates e-mailed or faxed to them. We've provided the following information so that you can educate yourself about steps involved during the roofing process. For a detailed roof estimate about your specific ne
eds, contact us.

Home Street Roofing will call prior to the start date to inform the customer when the disposal container and roofers will arrive. The container will usually be placed on either the right or left side of the driveway. This will be specified on the bid. We ask that the customer not ask the driver to place the container elsewhere, since the bid is estimated based on access for the roofers and suppliers.  Home Street Roofing does recycle, so only roof related materials are allowed in the container.
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As the roof is removed, the crew leader will inspect the structure for any rot or damage. Most roofs 25 years or less rarely have rot unless the roof has a history of leaking.  If there is additional work due to rot or damage, the crew leader will notify your roof consultant who will then notify the home owner. Rock Roofing charges for additional work are as follows: Time ($55 per hour) plus materials. Plywood replacement is $48 per sheet, furnished, installed, and the old sheet disposed of.
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(if the roof is solid sheathed)

After the roof is removed, the nails or staples are pounded down in the field and pulled over the eave and rake areas pulled so the old fasteners are not driven through the eaves where they can be seen. The sheathing is then installed directly over the existing skip sheathing. There are two types of sheathing. One is 7/16 inch OSB (or Oriented Strand Board) and the other is 1/2 inch CDX plywood. 1/2 inch CDX plywood is the recommended application, since it is an exterior grade plywood and has a higher tensile strength than OSB.
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Drip edge and starter metals are the metals that go up the rake (or gable) and along the front edge of the plywood. These are 26 gauge metals that keep water from wicking up against the edge of the hplywood causing premature rot.
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Most houses have a furnace vent or hot water heater stack through the roof. This is usually a silver stack and approximately 3 feet in height. Many roof campanies will not replace the base metal and collar. It is common to drive around your neighborhood and see these rusted, unpainted stacks on a neighbor’s new roof. Home Street Roofing will not only replace the base metal and collar, but will also paint the furnace stack with manufacture’s paint to match the roofing material.
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Improper ventilation from bathroom fans can lead to premature failure of the plywood. When bathroom fans vent into your attic, warm moist air can cause mildew and delamination on the underside of the sheathling. Home Street Roofing will always make sure your roof will have the proper number of flapper vents and connect any existing pipes. If your home has no existing pipes, we will still install the vents for future connection.
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Improper ventilation of the attic can also lead to premature failure of the plywood. Home Street Roofing will make sure your roof will have the proper amount of ventilation. The two most common types of vents are vents and ridge vents. Can vents are either plastic or metal and are always placed on the back side of the roof. Ridge vent is the preferred method of ventilation because it allows for maximum air flow and reduces the amount of protrusions in your roof from the can vents. Your roof consultant will let you know if ridge venting is not an option.
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Home Street Roofing will install new metals at all roof protrustions including, but not limited to, valley metal, pan metal, roof to wall below skylights and chimney’s and step flashing at all side walls. These metals will be a 26 gauge, baked on, pre-painted steel and is the newest roofing code.
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Before the roofing material is applied, a starter course is put down at the bottom edge of the roof to prevent water from entering where the tabs butt up against each other. If Certainteed Presidential is used, then a dual starter system must be installed. This dual starter system is necessary for you to get your warranty. Composition is also placed up the rake edge to prevent the laminate from sagging over the gabled ends (due to warm temperatures.)
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Laminates come with many different warranties and many different styles. Warranties range from 30 years to lifetime. Home Street Roofing will always apply the shingles according to manufactures specifications. This is important to insure the homeowner gets their warranties.
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During the re-roof, Home Street Roofing will make sure the job site is clean at the end of each working day. At the end of the job we will do a thorough cleanup, including cleaning out all gutters.

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